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Rafa Alberola
Valencia, Spain

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The Creative Process

My name is Rafael Alberola and I’m a passionate freelance Graphic Designer based in Valencia. I have been working for severals years as a freelance. My work stretches across a wide range of disciplines such as Graphic Design, UI DesignBranding and Naming and Digital Marketing (among others) for online environments.

I like to focus on those designs which are food for thought or behind which a meaningful purpose lies. My work consists in thinking different, in order to help brands grow and reach a new approach. Personally, I think that every project should hide a well-considered message that exposes an idea or denounces a situation from our current society. For me, good designs engage with their audience, not only for how they look, but for the message they carry.


I love to create every work from scratch, which means developing a multi-disciplinary environment that, in most cases, merges various fields such as Photography, Graphic Design, Photo Retouching, Web Design and others.


Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
Visual Identity
Print and publishing
Digital Strategy
UI design
Website Design

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