for BadFella™

Designed by
Rafael Alberola

Designer – Branding Creative

May 2018.


Branding & Visual Identity for the clothing brand based in Valencia, BadFella™.

The first step was to design the visual identity, so it was necessary to listen to the needs of the client. The objective was to create something young while sober. For this reason, a non-serif font was used, which was hand-cut to give it unique details that corresponded to what was sought, using curves and sharp points. Later, the web and the visual identity were designed. Something simple and functional yet elegant; something that the target audience can use. A special emphasis was placed on the design of the content and the user experience. Therefore, a theme in blocks was chosen for website in order to distribute more easily the web elements.

Creation of different designs for the main logo. Creative process. Brainstorming.

Choice of the color palette of the Website and the Visual Identity.

Design of the main cover where the last t-shirts released are shown.

Design of the main menu and the content of the website. Web Architecture Design.


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