Instagram UI Redesign

Instagram, Inc.

Designer  Rafael Alberola
Date — June 2018

Redesign of the User Interface (UI) of the Instagram app for iPhone X.

First, color was added to the ‘send message’ and ‘follow’ buttons, in blue and red respectively, to make the user experience easier and the buttons more locatable. The username and profile name were enlarged, the latter significantly, since it is the first information any user sees when they are viewing an Instagram profile. Lastly, a background was added to the Biography space and to the Featured Stories.

As for the design of the posts, color was added to the Like section, inheriting the Facebook color palette and the color of the Location link was changed to blue, making it match with the rest of the links in the app. In this way, it is easier to know that it is a link, upon which the user can click.


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