This Not What

Designed by
Rafael Alberola

Designer – Branding Creative

Late 2017 – Early 2018.


Branding & Web Design for a streetwear brand mixing conceptual art and clothing, This Not What™.

‘This Not What’ is based on a concept that mixes conceptual art with streetwear. Thus, the main aim was to achieve something extremely simple, as showed in the visual identity, the website and the logo. The website is developed in WordPress, with some modifications in the PHP, CSS and HTML code to enhance security. The idea also was to emulate the simple designs of Shopify, but using WordPress due to the low budget of the brand.

Implementation of Cookies and Recent Purchases Banners in the Home tab.

Log-in floating form. Registration form opens when users click on the man-shaped button.

Interactive searching within the active window, so that users don’t lose track of the item. Interactive chat.


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